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Quick review of technician performamce.

We welcome all feedback (good and bad) from you about our performance. Your feedback allows us to provide you better service. We use your feedback to help locate areas that need improvement, training for our staff, and when completing yearly reviews of our performance.

Your feedback will not be seen by the technician or support staff. It will only be accessed by someone on the technology leadership team.

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There are 10 questions in this survey.


* Please select your campus/location.

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If you submitted a work order, please enter the request number. If your support request was by phone, please enter the date and time of your request.


Please tell us who helped you with your support request. 

Support Time Frame

How did you contact technology for assistance?

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How would you rate the support service you received?

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How long was the wait before you heard back from a technician about your support request?

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How long did it take for your problem to be resolved?

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Technician Performance

* Please rate the following based on your interaction with the technician on this support request.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Unacceptable
The technician was friendly.
The technician was professional.
The technician listened carefully to me.
The technician was patient.
The technician communicated with me about my problem in a clear and understandable manner.

* Please rank your overall experience with the technician.

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
The technician was responsive to my needs.
My overall experience with my technician was positive.
The technician was courteous and helpful.
The support request was completed to my satisfaction.

Open Feedback

Do you have any other comments, questions or information for us about your experience with the technician?

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